Case Study

Italian Fashion Brand

A men’s clothing company spread throughout Italy and in 15 European countries. In 2020, with the closure of physical stores due to the pandemic, she turned to us at Target Adv to increase online sales from ecommerce and improve the performance of ads on Facebook Ads.


The starting situation was quite good, but not entirely satisfactory with a ROAS of 3.7 and a daily ad spend of around € 150. So we went to:

  • Create a short window retargeting audience
  • Implement Lookalike dynamic ads and audiences
  • Correctly integrate the Shopify monitoring API with the FB pixel
  • Do proper A / B testing with professionally created videos and photos


After 3 months, the results were extraordinary. CPA decreased by 40.3%, purchase conversion value increased by 53%, and ROAS went up to 7. Finally, FB page feedback maintained an average of 4.9 / 5, demonstrating a strong customer satisfaction.

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